Saturday, September 10, 2011

Caesar on the River

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Went to another production of Julius Caesar, put on by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, this time at Bellevue Beach Park. The park is right on the Ohio River, approximately across the river from Eden Park. A rousing performance as far as it went. Unfortunately, a drenching shower started shortly after intermission, forcing the players to cancel the remainder of the performance. All the players were scheduled to perform in A Man for All Seasons at CSC in downtown Cincinnati later in the evening, and hence couldn't wait out the shower. Naturally, the sun came back out shortly after that decision was made, but then again, the rain returned while we we walking back to our cars. So it was a good call, after all.

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Afterwards, we went to York St. Cafe in Newport for light dinner and dessert. A wonderful outdoor dining experience, with wonderful company, and desserts to die for!

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