Saturday, September 3, 2011

...and the start of Fall

And with Fall, comes the start of the High School football season. Actually, the season started last weekend, but I missed that due to Context 24.

Last night, Waycross covered Colerain vs. Ryle at Colerain High School's Cardinal Stadium. And a very hot night for  September, as the area was under a heat advisory. On the way over, my car's overhead indicator said it was 100°F outside (actual temp — not a "feels like" index!)

As usual, I was in the truck updating the Deko graphics computer with the score, down & distance, etc. during the game, so I was ony able to get pictures before the game. Oh, and the final score: Colerain 37, Ryle 0. Pretty much a blowout from the start, plus the fact that Ryle's quarterback suffered a knee injury in the first quarter.

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