Friday, October 28, 2011

And the regular season comes to a close

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It was the final week of the season for High School football, and Waycross closed out the regular season by covering Winton Woods in their game against Glen Este. It was Senior Night for Winton Woods, with recognition given to seniors on football team and the Marching Band. This included recognition for WWHS Senior, Marching Band Field Commander and long-time Waycross Volunteer Jason Dudley. Congratulations, Jason!

Unfortunately, Winton Woods and Glen Este had disappointing seasons, both being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs going into this week's action. Winton Woods managed to win for the home crowd, 35-21.

Next week, the football playoffs will start, and Waycross will be looking to cover St. Xavier and/or Colerain, both of whom figure to host games in the first round. Permissions have to be obtained for broadcast rights, so we'll have to see what happens.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Finneytown vs. Wyoming

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It's late October, and once again time for the annual Finneytown vs. Wyoming game. As I said in my previous post, this game has historically been a blowout in favor of Wyoming, but this year proved to be a bit different. Finneytown jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first half. only to give up that lead. But it did all come down to a 21-16 lead for Wyoming with 1:00 left in the game and Finneytown had the ball 4th and goal on the 2-yard line. A two yard run would win it, but Finneytown unfortunately fumbled, and Wyoming picked the ball up and ran for a game sealing touchdown. So final score: Wyoming 28-16 over Finneytown, which is very close the the 28-17 win for Wyoming win that I predicted before the game.

I did manage to get some pictures of the Finneytown band, who were dressed up for Halloween. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The second game of a double weekend

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Just a little over 12 hours after leaving Colerain High School, Waycross and volunteers were at St. Xavier High School for their game against the defending State Champions, the St. Edward Eagles. Before the game, I overheard a St. Edward's player asked if they were going to win, and he said yes, it was "in the bag." Well, I've been helping cover St. Xavier Bombers football for about 20 years now, and I learned one thing about 19 years ago: Never bet real money against St. X. The Bombers won, 17-10.

Coming up next week is Finneytown vs. Wyoming. This has historically been a blowout, with Wyoming usually stomping Finneytown. But Finneytown beat Indian Hill last week (a major upset) and both they and Wyoming are now 5-3 on the season. So there is some hope that the game will actually be an exciting game for a change.

First for a double weekend

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Waycross is covering two football games this weekend, Colerain vs. Lakota East, and St. Xavier vs. St. Edwards.

First up: tonight was the Colerain game. A very pleasant night, though there was a thunderstorm skirting to the north of the stadium. Didn't look like it was going to affect our game (indeed, there was a beautiful sunset in the west), and fortunately, if there was any lightning, the refs didn't see it.

Finally got a chance to leave the production truck during the game so that I could get a few pics of the game itself. And it did include a Colerain touchdown! Oh, and Colerain won, 28-7. :)

Next up: Tomorrow afternoon at St. Xavier

Saturday, October 8, 2011

King of the Road

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Friday night and time for some more high school football. This week is was St. Xavier hosting LaSalle in the annual King of the Road game, in which the two schools, located on opposite ends of North Bend Road, battle it out for the right to say "We Own The Road." St. Xavier won that battle this year, 45-21. As usual, I was working in the Waycross TV truck (I ran replay this week), so I didn't get any pics of the game itself, but I did get quite a few of St. X and LaSalle's Marching Bands.