Thursday, July 28, 2011

A hot one to close out July

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A hot night for a concert (esp. considering that the A/C in the Waycross production truck wasn't working). But it was OK in the shade, which is where most people stayed while listening to Tex Schramm and the Radio King Cowboys at Greenhills Concert on the Commons.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


[I posted this on Facebook (where at least for now, I have a wider audience) as a Note, it occurred to me I might want to post it here, too.]

Fiddling around with Google+ -- not a whole lot there yet. For one thing, rather few of my friends are early adopters of this sort of thing, so few people that I know, aside from James Allen (thanks for the invitation, James!), a few science fiction writers, and 1 or 2 other local friends, not many people that I know personally are there yet. Unless and until that happens, it's hard to get a feel for how well this compares to FB.

I haven't yet seen a way to sort the Stream (equiv. to News Feed) from Most Recent. The "Circles" are an interesting idea, but until more people come on board, I'm not sure how, or how well, it will work. Likewise for integrating Google+ with other Google services, such as Gmail. There are no games (yet, anyway) like Farmville or Mafia, which I consider a feature, not a bug. ;-)

So anyway, it looks promising, but it still needs work. If anyone wants an invitation, either FB message me (include your email address), or send me an email. :-)

ETA: One of the great features of Google+ is that you can edit your post (or "status" as FB calls it), rather than having to add a correction as a comment or new status. I never understood why FB couldn't include such a simple function.

Eight Days a Week/Tom Enderle Car Show at the Concert on the Commons

Another summer Wednesday, another Concert on the Commons; this time, a Beatles tribute band called Eight Days a Week, coupled with the annual Tom Enderle Car Show.

One nice thing about doing graphics for a Beatles cover band -- I need to bring the song title up at the very beginning of the song, but I often have to wait a couple of bars to confirm that the song they're playing matches the graphic I bring up (many bands skip around on their set list without telling me). With the Beatles, I can "name that tune" in one chord! And these guys stuck to their set list, which always helps. :-)

Monday, July 11, 2011

An Evening of birthdays with the Bozinis

A most enjoyable evening spent with friends celebrating birthdays occurring in the spring and summer. Originally scheduled for Joe's Diner downtown, it was moved to the IHOP on Ridge when it was discovered that the AC at Joe's had broken down. Pictures here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A couple of concerts to post...

Last week, I took some pics at Greenhills Concert on the Commons featuring the UC Community Concert Band. A gorgeous night for my first CotC this year (It's their third -- I wasn't able to make the previous two in June).

And then yesterday, on the Fourth of July, I helped Waycross cover the Colerain Twp. 4th of July Spectacular at the Colerain Township Administration Complex. Another gorgeous night and a great concert by a band called Naked Karate Girls. Followed by a spectacular fireworks display put on by volunteers from Colerain Township. A great time!