Thursday, August 18, 2011

G Miles and the Hitmen at Greenhills CotC

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Greenhills Concert on the Commons' winning streak with the weather continues -- another gorgeous night! This concert featured a great blues band, G. Miles & the Hitmen.

And for Tony and I, a blast from the past; a surprise visit from Dick Hagerman, a Waycross volunteer from way back. I don't think either Tony or I had seen Dick since Bill Clinton was President.

Dick Hagerman sighting
I was going to take a whole bunch of pictures, but I was almost to the Commons tonight when I realized I had left my Canon at home, and there wasn't time to go home and get it. Oh well. I made do with the camera on my smartphone, which seems to suffice, though it requires work in Photoshop Lightroom to get them to look halfway decent. So if some of these pictures are a little fuzzy, or the color is off, or there are noise bands, that's why. ;-)

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