Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pixel is missing :( UPDATED: Now Home! :-D

Pixel, my 6yo Maine Coon Cat (mix) pictured here, has been missing since Saturday. I let her out on Saturday evening during the first half of the Bengals/Texans game, and I haven't seen her since. If you are in the Glendale, OH area and you see her, please email me at

Maine Coon Cat (mix), Female.
Name: Pixel. Approx 6 years old, 7.5 lbs
Last seen Sat. 1/7/12, in Glendale, OH

UPDATE 1/13: PIXEL IS HOME!!! :-D Apparently, she had been picked by a stray by someone on the street behind my backyard, and taken in by the Dog Depot, a dog grooming place about a half mile from my house. The owner had seen Pixel before, but several years ago, when she worked for Pixel's vet, so she didn't make the connection until yesterday [Thurs.], when I dropped a flier off at her dog grooming place. She had "fostered" Pix out to this lady in Wyoming, who had some thoughts that they might keep her, but their dogs thought otherwise. When I went over there, Pixel was in their garage, hiding under a pile of sporting equipment. A few calls and whistles from me, and she started mewing, so I was able to locate her by sound, and coax her out. She came out pretty eagerly, once she realized who I was. :-)

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