Saturday, October 15, 2011

The second game of a double weekend

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Just a little over 12 hours after leaving Colerain High School, Waycross and volunteers were at St. Xavier High School for their game against the defending State Champions, the St. Edward Eagles. Before the game, I overheard a St. Edward's player asked if they were going to win, and he said yes, it was "in the bag." Well, I've been helping cover St. Xavier Bombers football for about 20 years now, and I learned one thing about 19 years ago: Never bet real money against St. X. The Bombers won, 17-10.

Coming up next week is Finneytown vs. Wyoming. This has historically been a blowout, with Wyoming usually stomping Finneytown. But Finneytown beat Indian Hill last week (a major upset) and both they and Wyoming are now 5-3 on the season. So there is some hope that the game will actually be an exciting game for a change.

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